Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Little Monsters!

October is the grand start to my favorite months of the year. The nights get cooler, leaves start changing color and are falling everywhere, decorations are abundantly displayed in homes and stores, the aromas in the air are infatuating (it is so difficult not to eat all those delicious baked goods), and children everywhere are so gitty.

I am looking forward to all the pumpkin activities and investigations we will be doing this coming week. This month lends itself to so much math and science, and I do love both subjects so much. I know my kiddos will have a blast! (I will post all about it later.)

Here is a look at our t-shirt, pencil, and trick-or-treat bag for the month. They came out so cute! Just take a look at my little monsters.

Cool Franky t-shirts
Cute pencils!

Ready for the candy!

What Halloween goodies do you do for your kiddos?

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