Monday, December 5, 2022

Happy Monday!
This file has been requested multiple times 🤩. I am glad that it has been found useful for you and your students.
This file works great for whole group and small groups. All the words on the deck have already been explicitly taught and this is one way we review. We show the slide and students say the whole word, tap each letter name, and then say the whole word again. When we get to the animated slide, they do a holiday action. In this case, students get to say, "Ho, ho, ho!"

They love it!
If you're interested in this FREE file, head over to my Linktree and look under Tricky Words. I have one more version coming later this week.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Happy Sunday!
Hopping on to share my December visual drill file with keyword support. It has been updated with some new animation. This visual drill provides the anchor picture support we decided upon as a school. Once you make your own copy, you'll be able to change the picture to meet your ELA curriculum.
The visual drill is part of our daily ELA lesson. Why? Learned sounds are repeated, which fine-tunes the sound/symbol relationship, thus building automaticity. The teacher shows the students previously learned sound cards- in this case, the slide-one at a time on which are written the letter/letters known. The keyword pictures provided on the cards give support for the recall of the sound if needed. The student produces the sound the letter/letters represent. When a student makes a mistake on a letter/sound, the teacher provides immediate corrective feedback.
Students begin by saying: d, dog, /d/. As the sound-symbol correlation is strengthened and becomes automatic, we remove the keyword picture and students say d, /d/, and eventually only /d/ when shown the card. 

I love the digital file because it provides a lot of engagement. We also incorporate a hand/body movement for multi-modal input. 
This second file is also for the visual drill, but they do not contain any keyword support.  

If you're interested in these FREE files, click on the link below and scroll to Orton-Gillingham Resources. 

Friday, December 2, 2022

Happy Friday everyone!
One week down and two to go 💃 before my winter break begins. There's so much to do and so little time.
Last year, I shared this file and it has now been updated to include CCVC/CVCC words. Many of my kindergarten students are so ready for longer words already.👊 Let's continue to provide all the blending practice our students need for word recognition mastery. This file does have a Santa theme, but I have 1 remake in process and 1 new one gingerbread theme coming soon. 

I hope you students love it as much as mine. 
If you are interested in this file, click on the Linktree on the right and you will find it under CVC Resources.  

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Happy December 1st everyone!
All I can think about is gingerbread stories, gingerbread-scented candles, and 
frosted gingerbread cookies from Traders Joe's. 
Yesterday I shared the phoneme-grapheme monthly templates for December. If 
you did not grab those, head on over to my Linktree to do so. Today I am sharing 
another phoneme-grapheme template using poppit fidgets. 

  By now you know that I LOVE being thematic-it makes learning fun for my students 
and me! This year I introduced holiday poppits and you would have thought Santa 
🎅🏽 himself had come to visit. They were so excited to pick one. 

Not only is this an engaging way to practice P-G mapping, phoneme-grapheme 
mapping is a research-based activity that helps early and transitional readers 
build word recognition skills. Word recognition skills allow students to identify words, 
first through the decoding process and later automatically. And we know that 
based on the Simple View of Reading Framework, mastery of word recognition is 
one of the components required for automatic fluent reading. 

  You can find these FREE templates under Orton-Gillingham Resources in the link 
below. Which one will you use with your students?

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

December Phoneme-Grapheme Templates

It's almost December and there's so much to do!

I know these last couple of weeks before Winter Break may be chaotic, rushed, and at times very stressful. I also know that they are students' favorite. 

I'll be administering middle of year assessments before we go off on break to plan and organize for my intervention groups come January. --I'm not worried. 😅 

Every month I share lots of resources for FREE that I use and have found to be very successful with my students. 

🎄visual drills

🎄phoneme-mapping templates 

🎄visual blending boards

🎄ABC review digital files

🎄Tricky words review digital files

🎄and many more!

Today I'm sharing my phoneme-grapheme mapping templates. 



Phonemes are the sounds we hear in words. Graphemes are the letters that represent the sounds. Phoneme-grapheme mapping is a research-based activity that helps early and transitional readers build word recognition skills. I like to connect the words we will map to my Phonemic Awareness lesson. It really helps my students learn that a spoken word is made up of individual sounds and those sounds are represented by a letter or group of letters. This helps children learn how sounds are spelled with letters. When we help students decode/encode, we are helping solidify their understanding and knowledge of the alphabetic principle

Here is a video of a student using the template. 

You can find these templates on my Linktree by clicking the picture above. It is under Orton-Gillingham resources.

Let me know which template you will be using first.

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