Monday, July 31, 2017

Cool Cat Teacher Toolbox

Hey there!

It has been too long since my last post, but I'm excited to get on that horse again and share my learning and teaching adventures.

I have been hooked on Instagram these past couple of months. I tended to shy away from posting because I felt that who would want or care to know about what I had to say.  Teachers are so open about their triumphs and their struggles. The teaching community is unbelievably!!!

There are so many great ideas out there. The best part is that teachers are so willing to share them. I continue to add to my collections. They are now just like my Pinterest boards. One of my faves is the toolbox craze. Not only does it look so cute, I'm hoping it will bring some controlled organization to my teacher area. One of my favorites is this unicorn one by @loveteachandicedcoffee.

Yes, I know! My eyes are drooling, too!

I have been in love with Pete the Cat since the books were introduced. He is just a very cool cat. So I made my own very cool cat teacher toolbox.

(Sorry for the lighting. I have to work on taking cool pictures.) 

I have been so busy that I even made one for all my brag tags. Now they'll all be in one centralized and organized location. 

You can find them in many home improvement stores and online. Here's my affiliate link to these toolboxes on Amazon ---> and 

If you are interested in the labels, you can get those here.

I'm working on 2 more toolboxes/storage organization labels. Will post as soon as I'm done.

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