Wednesday, November 30, 2022

December Phoneme-Grapheme Templates

It's almost December and there's so much to do!

I know these last couple of weeks before Winter Break may be chaotic, rushed, and at times very stressful. I also know that they are students' favorite. 

I'll be administering middle of year assessments before we go off on break to plan and organize for my intervention groups come January. --I'm not worried. 😅 

Every month I share lots of resources for FREE that I use and have found to be very successful with my students. 

🎄visual drills

🎄phoneme-mapping templates 

🎄visual blending boards

🎄ABC review digital files

🎄Tricky words review digital files

🎄and many more!

Today I'm sharing my phoneme-grapheme mapping templates. 



Phonemes are the sounds we hear in words. Graphemes are the letters that represent the sounds. Phoneme-grapheme mapping is a research-based activity that helps early and transitional readers build word recognition skills. I like to connect the words we will map to my Phonemic Awareness lesson. It really helps my students learn that a spoken word is made up of individual sounds and those sounds are represented by a letter or group of letters. This helps children learn how sounds are spelled with letters. When we help students decode/encode, we are helping solidify their understanding and knowledge of the alphabetic principle

Here is a video of a student using the template. 

You can find these templates on my Linktree by clicking the picture above. It is under Orton-Gillingham resources.

Let me know which template you will be using first.

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