Sunday, April 7, 2019

Hello Peeps,
My kiddos have been working hard and and I can see so many gains. With Spring break right around the corner, we have been learning all about rabbits. You can't learn about rabbits without making fun crafts along the way.

Our first craft was this cute Peep tissue rabbit. I literally got a happy uproar when my students saw me getting everything ready.

All you need is the following:
1. a rabbit template
2. tissue paper cut into small squares
3. wax paper
4. liquid starch
5. construction paper

Choose any icon. (here are many you can use) 
Cut around both the outside and inside line of the icon's shape. 
Lay the cut out pattern on top of a piece of wax paper. Trace around the inside opening of the shape with a pencil. Do not cut out. 
Cut out 1" x 1" or larger squares from the tissue paper. You will need a lot of squares, so be sure to give yourself plenty to choose from when you start gluing. 
Spread the starch in straight lines and make sure it reaches the traced section.
TIP: If you go any larger, the glue will dry out before you can get the tissue down.
Lay tissue squares over the starched area, overlapping color(s) as you go. Try not to leave any blank space. Add starch and tissue squares until the entire shape is covered. Set aside to dry. 
ADULT: Punch a hole in the top, center of the shape. Thread a 6" piece of yarn through the hole to make a hanger and tie a knot. Trim the excess yarn.
TIP: To make this project easier for a younger child, start with smaller templates.
Once it's dry you slowly remove the wax paper and can then add any extra decorations.I play spa music as my kiddos work and find it to be very relaxing. ;)


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