Sunday, December 4, 2022

Happy Sunday!
Hopping on to share my December visual drill file with keyword support. It has been updated with some new animation. This visual drill provides the anchor picture support we decided upon as a school. Once you make your own copy, you'll be able to change the picture to meet your ELA curriculum.
The visual drill is part of our daily ELA lesson. Why? Learned sounds are repeated, which fine-tunes the sound/symbol relationship, thus building automaticity. The teacher shows the students previously learned sound cards- in this case, the slide-one at a time on which are written the letter/letters known. The keyword pictures provided on the cards give support for the recall of the sound if needed. The student produces the sound the letter/letters represent. When a student makes a mistake on a letter/sound, the teacher provides immediate corrective feedback.
Students begin by saying: d, dog, /d/. As the sound-symbol correlation is strengthened and becomes automatic, we remove the keyword picture and students say d, /d/, and eventually only /d/ when shown the card. 

I love the digital file because it provides a lot of engagement. We also incorporate a hand/body movement for multi-modal input. 
This second file is also for the visual drill, but they do not contain any keyword support.  

If you're interested in these FREE files, click on the link below and scroll to Orton-Gillingham Resources. 

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