Wednesday, January 23, 2013

100th Day of School!

Our 100th day of School was absolutely A.MAZ.ING!! My kiddos were so excited and so was I. We had a full day of activities across the curriculum starting with wearing our 100th day t-shirt and using our smarty pencils.

The following are some of the activities did:
  • P.E.: 100 minute obstacle course 
The obstacle course was really fun! They had to jump through circles, jump 10x's using the jump-rope, dribble around some cones, shot the basket, and then kick the soccer ball through the goalie, all in 100 seconds (some got more-shh!)  
  • Cookery: making Zero the Hero donuts--we used biscuit Pillsbury dough and simply put a hole through the middle before making them.
  • Writing: (this was a project) Students wrote a narrative piece on their lives in flashback mode. They wrote about what they accomplished, became famous for, and succeeded at by the time they were 100 years old. They also described the future, what technologies exist, and what the world looks like in 2103/2104 respectively.
          While surfing on Pinterest a saw this PIN from Alycia over at Mrs. Zimmerman's Third Grade that I thought was an awesome idea for the 100th Day of School. The only adaptation for me was that it was placed on the digits. They had to list 5 places they want to visit some day, 5 questions they have about the world, and 5 algebraic equations that have 100 as the answer. We had some very thought provoking responses...Why do some schools have many more resources than us?, Why does it seem like people don't care about our planet?, What is going to happen to humans when so many animals become extinct?, I want to visit the pyramids of Giza, I want to go to outer space, I want to visit the mountains...There were some that really touched me and some that got me very teary-eyed. I learned so much more about them, their hopes, dreams, and fears.

  • Reading: (still looking for an upper grade book)
  • Math: Students will be building towers with 100 cards, cups, and Popsicle sticks. 
The Tower was fun, the cards were a good challenge. They had to figure out the best structure to hold up the top layers. They kept falling, but they realized that foundations is very important.
  • Art: Using a 2-liter soda bottle, they created a model of themselves at 100. I saw this on Pinterest as Biography Bottles @ The Millbrae Library

One of my AWESOME students
It was a great way for each student to shine and use their creativity. While some were asking me whether they could add a cane, others were asking me whether they could have specialty clothing and hoovering wheelchairs. Their projects came out really cute and they had a blast.

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