Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter T-shirt & Pencil

I can't believe we are already on Spring Break. I truly needed this time to recharge, refocus, and plan end of year activities for my kiddos. This year just seems to be on fast forward.

Every year, I take the kids over to the park across the street for their Easter egg hunt and picnic. They look forward to this event with so much anticipation. You would think that as they get older they would think it is quite childless to look for eggs, but all the contrary, they still go bananas.

My Peep Bunch!

They love to eat Peeps, well not so much after our investigation on dissolving Peeps (after a week they still were pretty much intact-gross!).

My girls are all into all things "mustache". I have to be honest and admit that I don't see what the craze is all about--
but I do think our pencils came out so cute!

Childhood is truly a magical time.

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