Friday, August 2, 2013

Back from a well deserved hiatus

This summer I decided to take a hiatus from blogging (NOT from Pinterest or bloggers I follow of course) to spend some quality time with my 2 year old. Having two teenage boys, 17 and 13, I K.N.O.W. how fast the early years fly by. All I can say is that it has been wonderful. My little one is stuck to me like glue, her oral language has skyrocketed (she's a little parrot), and I feel really close to her. It has unofficially all come to an :(

One other thing I was able to do this summer was READ! I bought so many professional books to get my creative juices rolling, for new inspirations, and new learning. I am ready a couple at the same time and I will post more on them as I finish them.



The CAFE Book and the Daily 5 book I am still in the process of reading. These I barely purchased recently. I have implemented the Daily 5/CAFE strategies in my classroom for a couple of years now, have read about on different websites, also subscribe to The 2 Sisters site, but I had never read the books.--It is getting much clearer.
I'm engrossed with Starting with Science. It is geared for Pk-2nd. It is very informative, easy read, and has many suggestions, ideas, and lessons that you can implement immediately.My focus this year is to do as much inquiry science as possible. You get the rationale of why you should do it, but also how to do it.--love. love. love it!
Is That a Fact? I had already read a while back, but I decided to reread it once again, since it has been a couple years I was in primary grades (looping and all). It is one of the best books for K-2 informational writing ideas, lessons, and examples. It is also a very easy read. Love this one too!
The other books I will be getting to as soon as I'm done with the others. I will definitely be done before winter. I will be posting lessons and student examples as the year rolls by with reference to which book they come from. Keep posted to see what we do.

 I am now on full planning, organizing, and decorating mode.

 Not too scary...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I had to sit down and take in a deep breathe.

I am in a new room that is much smaller than my previous one and with a lot less space to put my junk resources. My husband and father-in-law helped me carry even more stuff from my garage. It is unbelievable all the materials we accumulate and need. My room looks like a whirlwind hit it...

I know it will eventually come together. I will post pictures of my room once it is "ready".

What good books did you read this summer?

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