Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Ideas!

This is my first post on this site. I hope to keep a record of great ideas, lessons, and resources that teachers everywhere can access. I also hope to hear all about the wonderful things we do in our classrooms.
I have been visiting a plethora of teacher blog sites and websites. It is unbelievable the amount of ideas and resources available to us through the generous contributions of so many great teachers.
The following are some ideas that I plan to implement this school year. I have tried to give credit accordingly and a link when appropriate.

Dr. Jean over at drjeanandfriends.blogspot.com has some wonderful ideas that can be modified for all grade levels. I am going to do the Keepsake Notebook and place it in our classroom library. Even though my kiddos are 5th grade, they still want to know what the other kiddos wrote to me. It will be cute to see their notes and photos all in one place.


I will also be doing the Paper Doll Teacher . This is so simple and heart-warming. The kiddos will be greeted with a great message from you.
These were the directions posted by Dr. Jean:
Lay on a large sheet of butcher paper and ask a friend to trace around your body.  (You’ve probably done this to your children before.)  Color yourself and cut yourself out.  (Go ahead and take off a few inches.  You can body sculpt all you want!)  Tape this on the door and then make the following labels and attach them to the different body parts. 

“A head full of great ideas.” 
“A mouth to sing you songs and read you stories.” 
“Arms for hugging.” 
“Hands to help you learn new things.” 
“Pockets to hold surprises.” 
“Tennis shoes for outdoor fun.”  
“A heart full of love for you!”


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