Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is absolutely one of my favorite apps so far this summer. Students can create and "unlock" their own stories using the provided artwork and themes on the site. They can focus on the writing and the reading. The possibilities are endless. My students' writing already amazes me. This will only stimulate their imaginations even more. The students are even able to email the completed stories to friends and family or print them out to make into hard-copies for themselves. I love, love, love this site. I would nonetheless try it out first before you present it to your kiddos to work out any possible glitches that may arise with your kids. I can definitely see this as an independent activity with older kids and as a guided activity with younger students at the beginning. It is very easy to follow along though, so give it a try. I have included a copy of my own short story.

My Summer Days by mrsgarciascorner on Storybird
Follow the link below to get started with your own class account.

How do you see yourself using this in the classroom with your students? I am very open to suggestions.

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