Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Making" Blood

We have hit the road sprinting...I was informed of my students' scores on the CST (17/19 advanced/advanced). WOW! I am so proud of them and I am so glad I looped with them once again. We are a little family that works really well together. It is therefore the reason I feel that pressure on me to maintain them there...I will give it my all.

We have been working on the circulatory system. They are all into it. They find it fascinating and intriguing. We have been taking notes, drawing pictures, watching short videos, looking at a heart model and re-enacting the "voyage" of a red blood cell. We have also done some of the ideas found on Pinterest. (Will post pictures from their notebooks later.)

Today was really fun! We "made" blood. I think I also got this idea from Pinterest. We used the following:
  • red jelly beans=red blood cells
  • white jelly beans=white blood cells
  • corn syrup=blood
  • purple tic tacs=platelets
  • salt
  • clear plastic cups
They mixed all the ingredients according to the proportions in our science resources book (math). We discussed the functions of each component and finally they drew a diagram of their end product. They also had a lot of fun eating the jelly beans that were not consumed. When we debriefed they mentioned that they were truly able to visualize the blood in their systems and the importance of each component. I truly believe science should awe and amaze you into wanting to know more, but i also believe it should be fun and we had it all.


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