Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coaster Persuasion Mania!

Now that CST (our annual testing) is over, we have been able to really focus on technology and presentation skills. My kiddos have been busy creating inventions, products, etc., that they have to "sell" to the potential buyers (classmates). They are also responsible for preparing PowerPoint presentations. Both of these activities allow them to work on persuasion tactics when they are presenting and in further developing their oral and writing skills. I have seen a tremendous improvement and they are also a lot more confident when presenting in front of a group. My kiddos have also become better judges of what is effective and not-effective when trying to persuade an audience. They are quite equipped at identifying "quality" work and WHY it is quality work. I hope all this work will be helpful as they head on out to middle school.

I have included a slide show of their coasters as well as tow PPT's of my students.

mrsgarciascorner's Coasters album on Photobucket

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