Monday, April 8, 2013

Inventions for the Future

We have begun our unit on Persuasion and I wanted to try a different approach, one that would "hook" them and that would show them how we are surrounded by persuasive tactics every day, before we jumped into our essays. I also wanted to integrate STEM-UP strategies/concepts into our learning. I began by showing them a variety of commercial clips that I found on youtube. Some were funny, some were profound, and others were just plain ridiculous.

As we watched the short clips they realized that regardless of the commercial, they were trying to convince them of something. It might be to buy something, donate to a cause, change your mind, or to influence a way of thinking. We charted out different elements (tactics) that we found in all of them. They came up with the following list:
  • music/sounds that match the theme of the video
  • time--urgency
  • visuals, graphics
  • catchy phrases
  • targeted audience
I decided to let them create their own commercial with an invention they would create. In groups they discussed what they could create and used their charted tactics as guidelines. As part of their project they had to prepare three things: a PowerPoint on their invention, a model of their invention, and a live commercial in front of their peers or they also could prerecord it at home. My kiddos have been doing PowerPoints since last year, I therefore did not have to spend time teaching them the process. Their inventions had to be practical, useful, and creative. I included some pictures of their inventions, a student PowerPoint (ELL student), and a prerecorded video.

mrsgarciascorner's Invention Commercial album on Photobucket
What do you do to help your students understand persuasion?

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