Monday, October 8, 2012

Animal & Plant Cells

We have been devouring everything about living systems. We are know working on making, using, and testing sugars. (pix to follow)

For every unit of study and every major holiday, my students do a project at home that has both an art and writing component. Since we have been doing living systems, they decided they wanted to learn many more details about the cells than is required for our grade level (love that). They picked either a plant cell or an animal cell to learn more about. They could use any materials they wanted, had to be labeled and followed up with a short writing prompt. They had to tell me what is a cell, what does it contain and the function(s) of the cell. They truly like the monthly projects. It is a great time to have parents involved with their child in something that correlates to what we are learning in class.

This month they will be building a haunted house and because we are working on persuasive writing, they have to write a persuasive flyer. They are trying to find a They got a kick out of that and many related to renting out rooms at home or older siblings renting a room in college. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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