Friday, October 26, 2012

Monster Slime

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays--it's spooky, it's exciting, and you there is so much candy! This year more than ever, I am being very conscientious about doing as much science as possible, and Halloween is a perfect month for science galore! We are definitely going to cover all the state standards through our Foss curriculum, BUT I also believe in science for fun, motivation, and for the inquiry it brings to young minds. My kiddos love science, and so do I.

Today we made monster slime.  I came across this idea while looking for slime. Kim, over at all things simple, has step by step directions on how to do it. It is sooooo easy and inexpensive. I bought the food coloring, bowls, and glitter at The Dollar Tree. The borax I got at my local market for about $6.00, and there is plenty left over to repeat it more than once.

By constantly doing experiments, my students are becoming very comfortable with the 7-Step Process to scientific investigations.  We talked about the reactants and the products. We discussed how we went from mostly liquid materials to a solid. One group did not get the consistency they desired and we inquired into the possible reasons why. They repeated the steps, were happy with their results, and wrote about it in their conclusions. The class even offered suggestions on what other ingredients we could add to the slime--scent, texture, degree of sliminess. We have therefore decided to do it again for November with a little twist. We'll keep you posted.


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