Monday, October 22, 2012

OREO Fun-tastic Day!

I have seen this activity all over Pinterest and thought what a FUN way to review Mean, Mode, Median, Range, and Outlier. I also loved the idea that they had to work in groups, hold each other accountable, and check each others' work. One student per team volunteered to bring in the OREO packages, for a total of 5.

I followed the steps as outlined on the OREO 2012 website.  I also checked out two of my favorite blog sites. The first is Stephanie's blog over at Teaching in Room 6 and the other is Jen over at Runde's Room. They both do the project and have great pictures to go along with their post. Stephanie has a link to the sheet she used with her kids---I "borrowed it of course!

Before we began the fun mania, we began by reviewing the concepts. They took notes in their math journals for reference during the group work.

Onto the fun!
First they started the stacking. They each took 2 turns and took their own mean. Of course this was soooo much fun for my kiddos.

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They were discussing strategies and tips on how to build the tallest tower and what would work best. Talk about collaborating together.

After everyone had had their turn, it was time to desegregate the data in their groups. They were responsible for finding the mean, median, mode, range, and outlier. I liked the idea on Stephanie's site of having them build bar graphs.

You can grab Stephanie's PDF  by clicking here.

We then took the mean, median, mode, range, and outlier for the whole class. We worked it out together to make sure we came to the same results. There is just so much math practice-I love that!

Finally it was time for students to build a sculpture. I was a little worried about the potential mess and  a little intimidated by the awesome sculptures others had posted online. Oh well. We dived in. They loved this the most of all.

I will definitely be doing this activity every year from now on--Thanks to all the wonderful teachers that inspire students and teachers as well.

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