Sunday, September 9, 2012

Amazing Fieldtrip!

Our trip to the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Villa was truly breath-taking. This was my first time at this museum. The trip there was slow due to the horrendous traffic on the west 10 Freeway. It took us over an hour to get there. Once we were on Highway 1, the Santa Monica Beach scenery engulfed us with its shimmering waves and sea-salt air. When we finally arrived, we were at the base of the mountain and had to travel the route up the hill. The stone road, the gardens, trees, and fountains leading to the top left us all in awe. We entered the grand hallway and immediately set out to see as much as possible. The artwork, artifacts, and statues made of marble and other stones were unbelievably beautiful.We saw the magnificence of Zeus, Herkales/Hercules, and a huge lion attacking a horse. We were truly lucky to have the opportunity to observe such artwork. Thanks to the Getty for sponsoring our buses.

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