Sunday, September 30, 2012

Team Building #2

This past Friday we did a team building activity for the month of September. Last month's puzzle frenzy was so much fun, we decided that we do at least one every month. I got this idea from Leslie over at Science Gal. I LOVE her ideas and resources, so go on over to see her wonderful site. 

Red Pyramid
Getter #1-gets 6 red cups and the rubber band with 4- 24 inch strings attached
Starter-sets up 3 cups facing down and 3 cups facing up

I am not sure the instructions out there, but my students were NOT allowed to touch anything other than their strings. They could not switch strings, touch the cups or the rubber band. They could do any other kind of maneuvering that would not break those rules. That was funny, because students started going under and over each other. The goal was to build the pyramid with 3 on bottom, 2 in the middle, and one on top. It was not a competition to see who finished first, but instead it was a "sticking to it" until you accomplish the task.

Reporter- reported out any strategies they felt were successful
Getter #2-collects and returns everything to teacher station

It was truly a lot of fun! My goal is to do one at least every other week. Does anyone have any ideas for other team building games?

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