Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back to School

It so wonderful to see almost every single one of my students with their parent(s). After having most of my students since 1st grade, I was afraid I would have a low turn out (what else could I possibly tell them, that they haven't already heard from me more than once).

I really think that the decision, by the all the teachers, to have all the students do a social studies project to exhibit at Back to School, in order to increase parent involvement made a great difference. Parents were happily strolling the hallways looking at all the displays by the different classrooms. 5th grade decided to do a All About Me timeline. They had to include a birth picture, 3 significant events, and the last one had to be their graduation date (2024) with a picture of the college they will be graduating from. Beneath each picture they had to include a short summary of each of their pictures on an index card.


Another incentive to attend:
As a way to motivate students to try their best and put in a sincere effort, even when the going gets tough during the CST, every year I give students who receive proficient or advance in either language arts and/or math a medal. Every year the amount of students getting those scores has increased. This year was pretty pricey since so many students received advance in both areas, and I buy the medals myself (BUT it is truly worth it).

My students are truly my mighty tigers!
 Language Arts medal recipients.

Mathematics recipients.

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